Tsusho Jamjoom Trading Company (”TJT”)

Brand Manifesto

Hino, a TOYOTA group company, has a rich history in the automotive industry and is the leading manufacturer of trucks and buses in Japan. Hino trucks were brought to the Kingdom by the newly formed company, Tsusho Jamjoom Trading Company “TJT”, as the first-ever Japanese-owned truck wholesaler and retailer in Saudi Arabia. Hino supplies its partners with light, medium and heavy-duty commercial trucks straight from the factory of Japan.

Bringing together Jamjoom’ s well-known customer trusted a brand with Toyota Tsusho’s impeccable after-sales service expertise, TJT provides customers with world-class Hino trucks that cater to the Saudi market’s every need in the supply of commercial vehicles. TJT will strive to contribute to the Kingdom’s further development through supplying high-quality, durable and reliable Hino trucks, resulting in job generation and opportunities, and ultimately becoming the top truck distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Brand Values

1- Extensive network across KSA

TJT’s 5 branches and wide coverage by mobile workshops across the Kingdom makes it the ideal choice for business partners in all regions

2- 100% Japanese product of Toyota Group

A powerful but, highly efficient and environmentally friendly truck makes your business easier and good return of investment.

3- Customer-oriented after-sales service

Comprehensive follow-up service headed by Hino’s senior service engineer to ensure that trucks are optimally suited at the highest quality of standards catering to our business partners’ daily needs.

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