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Hino Saudi Arabia


Official Partner Of Hino In Saudi Arabia. KSA

Hino Saudi Arabia, Hino is a TOYOTA group company and the largest manufacturer of heavy and medium-duty trucks in Japan; Hino also manufactures a growing number of light-duty trucks. Hino has a large market share in Asian countries. Hino global operations also serve a growing range of customers in North America & in other regions.

In 1972, Toyota Tsusho began exporting Hino trucks to Saudi Arabia, partnering with the Jamjoom Vehicles & Equipment “JVE” as a local Hino distributor. The newly established company combines the Jamjoom well-known customer trusted brand with Toyota Tsusho’s after-sales service know-how developed through its global automobile business.

Tsutomu Mori

Managing Director

Total Support For All Of Our Customers.

We want our customers to feel satisfied investing on Tsusho Jamjoom. Based on the philosophy “Customer Business First”. We are providing Total Support to all our customers.


Spare Parts

Our Parts operation provides round the clock service to our Branches, Dealers & Fleet owners. Our field salesman regularly visits our customers to get their feedback for immediate decisive collaborative action by Dealers, Head office & Parent company in Japan. The 1,500 Sq. Meter warehouse holds over 15,000 line items with a next day delivery anywhere in the Kingdom to minimize Down Time as much as possible.

92 000 95 44


Hino Jeddah Branch (Kilo 5)

Hino Jeddah:

Building No. 7942, Street Name: Madain Al Fahd, Neighborhood: Al Nuzlat Al Sharqia, City: Jeddah, Postal/ Zip Code: 22335, Additional number (4 digits) 5109

Google Map Of Hino Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. KSA

Hino Dammam Branch

Hino Dammam:

Building No. —- Street Name: King Fahad Road, Neighborhood: Al Qashlah, City: Dhahran, Postal / Zip Code: 34232, Additional number: (4 digits) —-

Google Map Of Hino Dammam, Saudi Arabia. KSA

Hino Riyadh Branch

Hino Riyadh:

Building No. 4782, Street Name: Khurais Road, Neighborhood: Al Nahda, City: Riyadh, Postal / Zip Code: 13221, Additional number (4 digits) 7162

Google Map Of Hino Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. KSA

Hino Medina Branch

Hino Medina:

Building No. 2695, Street Name: Khalid Bin Alwalid, Neighborhood: Qalat Makhit, City: Medina, Postal / Zip Code: 42352, Additional number (4 digits) 8429

Google Map Of Hino Medina, Saudi Arabia. KSA

Hino Khamis Mushait Branch

Hino Khamis Mushait:

Building No. —-, Street Name: King Fahad Road, Neighborhood: Al Tahlia, City: Khamis Mushait, Postal / Zip Code: 62451, Additional number (4 digits) —-

Google Map Of Hino Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia. KSA