Hino is a TOYOTA group company and one of the largest manufacturer of Light, Medium and Heavy-duty trucks in Japan. HINO has a large market share in Asian countries and has global operations that serve a growing range of customers in North America & in other regions.

Since HINO’s journey began until today, after 100 years of its history and through its presence in about 93 regions around the world, supporting society and individuals through logistics services has been its driving force for continuity and development in serving its customers and with the ability to adapt, today we are proud to produce one of the best trucks, buses and commercial vehicles And diesel engines, spare parts, etc.

Hino - A Toyota Group Company

Our Glorious Past

Type TGE-A truck

Successful prototype of Japanese – made trucks.

Hino Heavy Industries Inc. Full view

The Hino plant of Diesel Motor Industry Co., Ltd was made independent as Hino Heavy Industries Inc.

Type BD10 Blue Ribbon bus

Japan’s first center under-floor engine bus

Release of “Blue Ribbon” box-type bus

ED100 engine

Launch of the Red Engine,

with superior fuel consumption, reliability,

and durability

HIMR bus

1991 Release of world-first* hybrid vehicle

* The world’s first commercially available hybrid vehicle was released as a urban transit bus.

1997 Dakar Rally

Hino monopolizes the Dakar Rally,

winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the truck category

First-generation DUTRO

Release of hybrid vehicle

HINO 600 Series

HINO 600 Series released for North America

HINO 600 Series

World-first* Pre-Collision System (PCS)**

installed in HINO PROFIA

* World’s first commercialization as commercial vehicles(As of 2016. In-house research.)

**PCS =Pre-Collision System.”PCS” is used for function explanation only.

Hino Philosophy

Trucks and Buses That Do More

Areas to the present centering on vehicles

Best-fit products incorporating safety and environment technologies

Total support customized for each vehicle

New Areas

New activity areas